The quote on the right is from an Applicant we worked with in December of 2004.  He interviewed for a position but it wasn't quite right for him.  We let him know the results of the interview.  Later another Recruiter called him about the same company but a different position.  He then called us to tell us about the position.  We called our client, got him in for an interview, and the position was absolutely perfect for him.  

We tell this story because it illustrates our process well.  We build relationships with our clients and our applicants and they respect us.  One Manager, that was an applicant and later turned into a hiring Manager, told one of our Partners that when we send a resume they interview the candidate without hesitation.  They do so because P&L Strategies always sends the best candidates from a cultural as well as a technical fit.

We know our clients, and we make every attempt to know our applicants too.  One of the first questions we ask our applicants is "what is your ideal position?".  This is a key question as it tells us right off the bat if we have a good fit for a long term relationship with the client we are sending the applicant to.   We ask many more questions after this  to get to know our applicants so we can make matches that last.