Our mission is to continue to provide a service unsurpassed in the recruiting industry whether it be in Information Technology, Sales and Marketing, or Accounting and Finance. We do this by building long term relationships, delivering outstanding customer service, and providing strategic knowledge and industry insight, allowing our partners to maximize organizational and personal growth.

We have never been just about the numbers and we never will be.  If you are looking for a business partner that will guarantee you X number of resumes within X number of days, then we are not right for you.  We will promise that when we do send a resume we are sending a person who fits both culturally and technically.  Sometimes we send only one resume, but that isn't because we haven't searched high and low.  It is because we have searched high and low, and this is the only one that you will hire.  

As for applicants our philosophy is not to send you everywhere and hope it sticks somewhere.  If we do not feel the position or the culture of the company line up with your career goals, we will not send you.  We have found that some applicants want us to send them anyways thinking they can change the hiring Managers mind.  This is not the way we work.  We want you to be happy and stay with the company, not move on after a year.