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Our Story

P&L Strategies was formed in 2004 by a group of senior Recruiters who believed there was a better way to service both our applicants and clients, and spend more time doing what we do best.  Working for an agency we found ourselves spending hours interviewing and training Recruiters, helping Junior to Mid level Recruiters, role playing, attending daily meetings, and tallying the number of marketing calls made, resumes sent, and send outs. 

After years of working a desk and growing frustrated with the turnover in Recruiters and seemingly endless meetings, a handful of us decided it was time to get to the business of recruiting.  We formed P&L Strategies and opened our doors in September of 2004.  There were no more meetings, no more artificial numbers to meet, and no more recruiters to train.  We were free to do the business at hand which is building relationships and creating matches.  We no longer had a boss, but we no longer had a guaranteed paycheck either.  Since doing something besides Recruiting was never an option, we were going to have to be as good as or better than our competition or we would be back at an agency.  Fortunately by 2005 our revenues exceeded half a million dollars and have continued to grow. 

How We Do It

Our goal is to be considered your strategic partner in recruiting.  When you engage us to recruit for you, we first find out what methods you are already employing.   If you are on the job boards, we donít need to be too.  We are not your competition and we do not need to be duplicating efforts with one another. Instead we need to do what you donít have time to do on your own.  We started recruiting in the 90s when all we had was a landline and burning up the phones is still the most effective method for finding the diamonds in the rough.

Our Services

P&L Strategies provides contract, contract to hire and full time recruiting services.  Our work is completely contingency based, and always comes with a 90 day guarantee to either replace the employee or provide a full refund at your discretion. 

Our expertise is technology.  We recruit from Help Desk to CIO, Pre-Sales to Product Managers.  Whether you are looking for a traditional IT employee or a highly specialized Engineer, P&L Strategies has a Recruiter with expertise in the field. 

We have no turnover in Recruiters.   Once you establish a relationship with one of our Recruiters you will never have to break in a new Representative again.  We know that understanding your business, your technology, your culture and the way you work is imperative to a successful relationship between us.   

Who We Are

P&L Strategies is based out of Palos Verdes , CA with satellite offices throughout California .  We are not your one stop shop for every position you are trying to fill, but we are your one stop resource for all technology related positions.  You are not a job order; you are a business who uses technology to gain a strategic advantage.  You need to find the best available resources out there in the shortest amount of time possible.  You need to interview no more than 3 candidates and then agonize over which to pick.  P&L Strategies understands this, and because we spend 99% of our time recruiting for you, you can count on us to come through.     

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