"You have been really awesome throughout the entire interview process and
I have to tell you are one of the best recruiters I've worked with.

Thank you so much for everything.  I couldn't have got this opportunity without you."


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We have built our business on our relationships with our applicants who want to pursue their personal vision or to leverage their skill set for career advancement.   Our client list comes from our applicant pool which should speak volumes about how we treat you as an applicant.  

Our commitment to you is to strive to keep you informed and be as open and honest as we can be. Our promise to you is that we will call you back whether the news is good or bad. Nobody likes to give bad news, and we are no exception, but this is our commitment to you.  If you have sent your resume in and we have not contacted you, feel free to call or email us.  If we have submitted your resume and we have not provided you feedback, please contact us and let us know.  Common courtesy and follow up are what differentiates us from many of the other Recruiting firms in business today.

Resume Tips

Having looked at resumes for nearly 15 years now, here are some general guidelines that will make your resume stand out for the position you are applying for.

1.  One resume does not fit all.  We recommend you keep several copies of your resume.  Build a baseline that lists your education, certifications, and dates of employment along with the employer name and your title.  Tell the reader what you do on a daily basis along with the tools and technologies used to accomplish these tasks.  Tell us the size of the environment, i.e. number of servers, so the reader can get a good feel for your responsibilities.   As you apply for different positions, make sure to modify this baseline resume so that the reader sees you have done what they are looking for.  Remember most of the time your audience is going to be non technical.  As a result, they are looking for keywords that match the job description they are working on.  Save the resume with the company name you just sent it to.  That way you make sure to bring the right resume to the interview.

2.  Multiple page resumes are fine, but a 12 page resume is just overkill!  Keep your resume to 3 or 4 pages if possible.  What you have been doing for the last 5 or 6 years is most important, so put the meat of your resume in this area.  Positions you held 10 years ago can be listed as dates of employment, employer and title with 2 or 3 sentences explaining what you did there.  If you have worked for the same company for more than 5 years, make it a point to show how you have advanced in the company.  

3.  Use the spell check on your resume before it goes anywhere!  When we see spelling errors on a resume, we wonder if you have heard of spell check!  Have somebody look it over before you send it to make sure your sentences are structured correctly and it looks clean.